New Library Project

Creating New Connections
What the Oneida Public Library Will Look Like









The architect’s view of the New Library’s main entrance, facing Main Street, on the New Library’s site at 456 Elizabeth Street and Main. (Holmes King Kallquist & Associates, Syracuse, N.Y.)








Seen from Elizabeth Street,
 the New Library’s design offers an open, one-floor structure, with easy access and adjacent parking. (Holmes King Kallquist & Associates)











Site plan shows the position of the New Library building facing east towards Elizabeth Street (to right)and facing west towards Main Street (to left). (Holmes King Kallquist & Associates)










The one-floor New Library with 18,000 square feet of space, as shown here in the floor plan, will include a spacious Main Room for the collection and patrons and a Community Room with a seating capacity of 100.


See the New Library Project video on YouTube:
Creating New Connections